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North Texas

Pro-Energy Feeds

Caddo Mills, Texas

Nutritional Needs of YOUR Cattle Met DAILY!

North Texas Pro-Energy Feeds can be fed free-choice along with your grain ration, hay and pasture forage. Our high energy blend keeps cows in optimum condition and increases calf weight gain, especially as forage quality decreases. The fats in North Texas Pro-Energy Feed is derived from quality soybean and corn oils making it an excellent addition to any forage-based diet. Unlike other liquid feeds that contain high levels of urea and acids, ours is safe to feed free-choice without fear of digestive upset or overworking the ruman.

Natural Deworming

North Texas Pro-Energy Feeds is the only liquid feed with natural deworming built-in every batch. Our unique blend of integrated diatomaceous earth (DE) will work against worms in cattle all year long.  Many producers have seen excellent results provided by our integrated DE. The absence of worms and other parasites throughout the year allows cattle to keep more of their hard earned  gains for the best possible body condition.

Natural Probiotics

North Texas Pro-Energy Feeds is also the only liquid feed with live culture probiotics by Aqua-zyme.  Aqua-zyme probiotics build and boost the natural digestive flora in the rumen causing more efficient digestion and nutrient allocation.  Probiotics build a stronger immune response in cattle providing an overall healthier animal.

Natural Insect Control

North Texas Pro-Energy Feeds is also offers a natural solution for flies and external insects during the warm seasons. Our natural garlic additive will work from the inside-out causing flies to be driven away from the animals. This is an optional add-on that can be added to any load by request.

Research shows that ingredients in North Texas Pro-Energy Feeds will enhance reproductive performance and increase calf survivability. It is designed to help the animal utilize forages more efficiently, especially poor-quality forages.

Why North Texas Pro Energy Feeds?

Our feed was developed as a versatile economic feeding solution. Our focus has always been on producing a palatable, nutritionally superior, and consistent product than the individual ingredients available. We employ small batch technology to assure a consistent product is created and delivered to you every time.

  • All Natural Liquid Feed
  • Zero Urea - Zero Acid
  • Extend Forage & Hay
  • Probiotics & Dewormer
  • 30+ Years of Excellence
  • 20% Protein & 5% Fat
  • Full Service Delivery
  • Fly Control (optional)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hauled our cows to the vet today for preg check and vaccines. Reminded him we don’t want dewormer, then asked him to do a fecal test on one of his choosing. Test came back WORM FREE! The only dewormer our cows have had in the last 3yrs are from the Diatomaceous Earth that’s in Pro-Energy Feeds.
B. Bute - Wagner, OK
Wells Cattle Co. has been a satisfied Pro-Energy Feed customer for over a year. Now that we have been through each season with this supplemental feeding system, we have opened a local area dealership. It is the best all-natural liquid feed available on the market.
L. Wells - Caddo Mills, TX
Number 88 came from Western Oklahoma after drought conditions and then entered the worst winter we’ve seen in decades. I made it my goal to just keep her alive. After 7 months of being on Pro-Energy Feeds and quality minerals you can see she is not only alive but thriving! This is why we feed the good stuff!
Circle B, Minco, OK

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